3D Modeling & Printing

I designed realistic twigs/sticks in Blender during my summer 2019 internship at Duke’s Humans and Autonomy Lab (HAL).

The first step was to take an image or sketch of a stick from the internet, import the image into Blender, and trace an outline of the stick. I then worked off the tracings and made it into a solid model (modeling dimensions, sculpting, etc).

To reduce the 3D object’s weight and materials used in 3D printing, I applied the solidify modifier. You can check the thickness of an object’s walls by using the slice Bool Tool.

In order to add a natural texture, I used an image I found online and applied it as an image texture. UV unwrapping the object and applying the subdivision surface modifier and displacement modifier gives the object a realistic, bark-y texture. Here’s a helpful tutorial.

During my internship I was also assigned to 3D print a ventilated, water-proof box to store the equipment for the project. I found a water-proof box on Thingiverse and customized it to the project’s requirements in OpenScad and Blender.


In my senior year of high school, I coded aspects of a simple 2D side scroller on Unity for my final project in AP Computer Science. This was my first time using the Unity engine.*

RPG Maker MV

In my sophomore year, for an extra credit assignment, I decided to make a video game based on Thoreau’s experiences at Walden Pond. Unfortunately, my computer broke and I lost all my data (I now make sure to keep everything on a flash drive…). I only have a couple of videos that I randomly recorded.


Here are some projects I’ve worked on in Photoshop: 
✰ The person made up entirely of guns, bullets, and bombs is a collage of photos put together to resemble a human face (school project).*
✰ The Obama portrait is a cartoon rasterization of the former president (school project).
✰ The poster for the Video Game Developers Club was something I made in my spare time to advertise the club I created.*

*the images used to make these are not mine